New Author ~ Shout Out!

What a week ~ what a rumble! It was so busy and yet super productive. I dropped an amazing episode this week with an entrepreneur from Seattle, USA, one of the many beautiful places in the United States that I have not had a chance to visit yet. This is after a long break this past summer to re-energize and spend some fun time with my family since our summers are so shot here Canada. Now I am back to pumping out new episodes. Up first, listen to Diane’s Najam’s episode here.

Now back to Author ~ Shout Out Friday! Today I want to give a shout out to a new Caribbean Author, Mrs. Karllen Laurence. She is a childhood friend, in fact, she and I were co-hosts on the ‘Vibes & Rhythms Radio Show’ when we were teenagers back in Dominica. Karlene’s new book is hot-off-the-press.

What is this book about?

Caribbean ABCs is a fun and educational children’s book, based on an alphabetical journey by eight-year-old Brett who travels throughout the Caribbean and teaches about the different Caribbean countries: their history, their culture, their economy, their food and way of life.

I can’t wait to read it with my kids! Congrats Karlene, I know this is a huge milestone for you and your family. Get connected with Karlene here.

For more of my November/December book picks, click here.

“Author ~ Shout Out Friday” is a weekly opportunity to get your book into the spotlight. Connect with me here if you would like to come into the spotlight.

You become visible if you take the step forward to show yourself

Author: Irenia Roussel

Irenia is a full-time Business Development career professional who has been working closely growth oriented entrepreneurs for over a decade. She enjoys working one on one with clients to build their capacity as they start, grow and scale their businesses as well as connecting them to the right resources. She is also the Host and Executive Producer of three podcasts geared at Entrepreneurs, Leaders and Technostarters. The podcasts are: Livewithirenia, The Technostarter and The Canadian Side Hustle and Business. These audio podcasts features dynamic individuals who are not afraid to share their stories to give you the energy you need as you move along your epic life journey. You will discover amazing stories of dynamic individuals, practical tips for business and career development. Irenia is on a mission to inspire dynamic leaders to make seamless pivots in their life journey with confidence.

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