The Technostarter Podcast

We are in launch mode for our new cool podcast, The Technostarter, which features techno-savvy women, girls and boys from all over Canada and the Globe who are building awesome TECH, as well as, Allies who are cheering them on to greatness.

We will take a deep dive into their technology adventures and life journeys creating new technologies for the good of the human race in our new super normal. Additionally, we will examine how they became comfortable in their own skin building great technologies for today and tomorrow.

As we embark on this world tour, come long with us for the ride as a guest or as a listener! We would love to have your feedback and suggestions as we co-create this with you.

The first techno-savvy woman is Ruxandra Dariescu beaming in from the United Kingdom who wears multiple hats including Mum, Entrepreneur, Inventor and Author.

Episode 1 w/Ruxandra Dariescu

The second techno-savvy woman is Anil Atlas Brug beaming in from Germany, who loves dabbling in multitude of projects and wears several hats including Mum, Entrepreneur, App Developer and Author.

Episode 2 w/Guest Anil Atlas Brug

Let’s get you inspired to build your new cool technology for today and tomorrow! Wishing you awesome vibes in our new super normal.