Brands and Supporters

I love podcasting and thanks to Anchor by Spotify, I have been able to build three great podcasts with limited technology skills when I first started.  Since 2020, I have expanded my skill sets to producing, writing and scripting, audio editing,  scheduling, interviewing and promoting guests from across Canada as well as other parts of the world such as the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Austria, Johannesburg, India and much more.  I am still learning and growing on this podcasting journey.  For those of you who are inspired by my journey into the podcasting world and you are thinking of starting one, I highly recommend Anchor by Spotify. This is a fabulous tool!


I am currently looking to connect with great Brands who resonate with uplifting individuals from all backgrounds to achieve their full potential.  Let’s connect to discuss possibilities as we walk into positives vibes in 2022.

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