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Welcome and thank you so much for showing up and listening to great content.  I really appreciate you taking the time to enjoy the fabulous stories of  dynamic leaders, authors, entrepreneurs from a variety of industries from Canada, United States, Europe, India, the Caribbean and much more. This podcast was designed to inspire you on your career and business journey to motivate you on your current path or give you the boost to take on the next adventure.  


In 2023, my goal is to take this podcast to the next level to give you some practical insights into career and business strategies as well as give you the practical advice you need to make your dream a reality wherever you are in your life journey.  By listening to these stories, you will get some positive golden nuggets to carry you through the tough times. Remember, the timeline is not always a straight one and the journey is almost guaranteed to be messy but the destination is always rewarding.   We are all humans trying to build a better life for our families and you will see everyone here who are brave enough to share their unique story faced challenges along the way just like you and me.  These  positive stories you will hear from all over the world, each are very different, but one  common theme always prevails: Hope is strong.   They are making an impact in their neck of the woods, one step at a time.

S4/Episode 50: Emmy Award Winning MakeUp Artist Janelle Thomason creation of Cosmakery Cosmetics

S4/Episode 49 Building A Successful Team DNA W/Joanna Cooper, GM Daimler Truck North America
S4/Episode 48 Building Strong Leadership and Financial Foundations w/Author and Financial Director Wanda Bowman
S4/Episode 47 Unlocking Optimal Performance Through Agile Team w/Ruxandra Dariescu
S4/Episode 46 Creating The Career In Tech You Want w/DevelopHer Founder Lauren Hasson
S4/Episode 45 What Are Essential Skills To Be Successful In Tech Today w/Astrid Weiland
S4/Episode 44 Building Your Personal Brand To Shatter Your Own Glass Ceiling with Ketaki Vaidya – AI Product Manager

S4/Episode 43 Finding your resume twin to land your next adventure w/ Product Manager Mansi Mittal
S3/Episode 42 Utilizing Your Savings To Build Wealth w/Quber Co-Founder, Jennifer Leger

S3/Episode 41 Practical Tips For Social Media Engagement W/Deasha Waddup

S3/Episode 42 The Story Of Diane Najm, PhotoPad Founder
S3/Epiosde 41 Bridging Leadership and Intercultural Creativity W/Genein Letford

S3/Episode 40 How Is Creativity Cultivated? W/ Author Josh Linkner
S3/Episode 39 Women In Sales ~ How To Stand Out w/Guest Alexis Gladstone

Enjoy listening to all of the 50 episodes on this podcast as you multi-task whether it be at your home or corporate office, during your walk or taking care of your household. Listen wherever you feel comfortable and please do let me know what you think by connecting with me here.

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