Canadian Side Hustle and Business

Hello and welcome to the Canadian Side Hustle and Business Podcast! The fact that you have landed on this page means that you want to get motivated on your entrepreneurial journey.  This podcast will definitely given you some sound insights in how to build a sustainable business in today’s environment.

For 2023, my goal is to bring more practical examples on how to build your small business or expand/scale it to the next level right where you are from your Canadian head office.  The stories you will hear on this podcast are from Canadians from coast to coast who have taken a leap into the entrepreneurial world  and are working their way through their business journeys.  


Season II Favourite Episode:  What I love about this episode is the candid convo on building legacy for the next generation. Sophia Ruffolo enjoys having fun and at the same time she is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs build new legacies.  Sophia is the real deal. She is building an amazing legacy with the work at femmebought.  In March 1, 2021, I had the distinct pleasure of  joining as a panelist the femmebought speaker series on the topic of  Impactful Mentorship on Clubhouse.  It was an amazing experience sharing my thoughts with her audience and one of my first guest appearences.   If you are thinking long-term about creating a good life for future generations this episode is one you must listen to.  Link here to the Blog Nuggets for Sophia’s story. Now, season three is in progress so please be sure to listen and subscribe wherever you listen to your podcasts.

S3/EP10: The Story of Alexandra Kapelos-Peters, Founder Of Cansulta E-Marketplace

S3/EP9: Building Picketa Systems From Scratch w/Founder Xavier Hébert-Couturier
S3/EP8:Have A Laser Lens On Customer Acquisition To Scale w/Entrepreneur Philip Curley
S3/EP7: Industry Spotlight: Why Canadians Are Starting Side Businesses w/RBC Leader Mr Don Ludlow
S3/EP6: Building SnapTrade Investment Tool w/Co-Founder Brendan Lee Young
S3/EP5: Setting Up Your Home Office w/Founder Kara Morgan ~ PlanIt Efficiency Solutions

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Awesome to have you as part of community.  Be sure to connect with me to come into the spotlight to share your epic life story. To my listeners, your feedback is important to me so be sure to drop your comments below.  Let’s connect today!