Love MakeUp? The Story Of Emmy Award Winning MakeUp Artist Janelle Thomason, Founder of Cosmakery

Do you enjoy putting on your MakeUp light or heavy? I personally love a totally natural look. I am delighted to introduce you to 10x Winner of “The Knot Best Wedding Award” and Emmy Award Winning MakeUp Artist and Founder, Janelle Thomason living in Plymouth, Michigan, USA. Janelle is the Founder and CEO of The Makeup Loft and Cosmakery Cosmetics.

S4/EP50 – Founder Janelle Thomason, The MakeUp Loft and Cosmakery Cosmetics

In this episode we took a deep dive into her early years as a MakeUp Artist to her epic career pivot as she built not only one but two companies: the MakeUp Loft and Cosmakery Cosmetics. We had a fantastic discussion about her business strategies and management style as it relates to team development and building agility in the business to accommodate her staff, the female professionals, who juggle many priorities as well as developing many happy vendors and customers. In addition, Janelle gives us a few tips on how to continue to remain radiant at any age whether your are in your 20’s or past your 40’s.

As an Artist it  should not  matter the tone of someone’s skin. If you are an Artist, you should be able to paint in every colour.

Janelle Thomason
S4/EP50 Emmy Award Winning MakeUp Artist and Founder Janelle Thomason – Cosmakery Cosmetics and The MakeUp Loft

My Community if you are looking to get an idea of when is the pivotal moment to scale from not only one but two businesses, you must listen to this one. There are several golden nuggets in this episode which will give you the inspiration and ideas to move that dial one step closer tousineyou goal.

To continue the conversation with Janelle connect with her via her company websites: Cosmakery Cosmetics and the MakeUp Loft.

Janelle, welcome to the global crew at Livewithirenia Stories!

Irenia Roussel

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Author: Irenia Roussel

Irenia is a dynamic business development executive who has been working closely growth oriented entrepreneurs for over fifteen years. She enjoys working one on one with clients to build their capacity as they start, grow and scale their businesses as well as connecting them to the right resources. She is also the Host and Executive Producer of Livewithirenia Stories and the Canadian Side Hustle and Business. These audio podcasts feature dynamic individuals who are not afraid to share their stories to give you the energy you need as you move along your epic life journey. You will discover amazing stories of dynamic individuals, practical tips for business and career development. Irenia is on a mission to inspire dynamic leaders to make seamless pivots in their life journey with confidence.

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