The Story Of Christine M. Roberts ~ Mindset Reset For Business Success

Turn Impossiblity to Possibility

I know from personal experience that taking on life adventures especially when you are past thirty can be a challenge and there is always a reset which needs to occur.  I see this time and time again with my peers whether they are full-time career professionals or entrepreneurs.  At every stage in our life change it is inevitable, so having the tools and resources available is very critical to getting through these life events. With every episode, my hope is that you get a golden nugget which will help you where ever you are in your journey.

Christine M. Roberts, S3/EP6

I had the pleasure of interviewing Christine M. Roberts, who has led a very facinating journey in recent times from her unexpected career pivots; to packing up her family and exploring America; getting into an MBA program with no undergraduate degree and her latest big pivot into entrepreneurship.  I realized during our conversation that having a strong belief in yourself and good support network around you is key to getting up; dusting off the failures and turning them into triumphs.  I will leave it right there because I want you to listen to her experience for yourself. 

Before this, let me tell you something about her career pivots into entrepreneurship. She is a former C-Level Executive from Atlanta, Georgia who pivoted into entrepreneurship working her new role as a Success Coach who partners with ambitious women to do less, be more, and create your best life using her signature GROW method. With neuroscience-based practices, she guides women to design their most purposeful and fulfilling life.  Christine’s corporate experiences at Disney, The John Maxwell Company and balancing motherhood have inspired her personal growth and leadership.

In this episode Christine and I had a very candid conversation about her career, entrepreneurial and life journey which is still evolving.  We talked about leadership; the power of possibility; mindset; mentorship; networking; tips to stay grounded in your life journey and much more.  I hope that your curiousity is peaked so check out the episode in the links below.

S3/EP1 w/Guest Christine M. Roberts, Author and Success Coach

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One big golden nugget: Where you come from does not define what you can be in life! 

Christine M. Roberts

Resources mentioned in this episode:

Christine’s Book: Inspirational Mind Food

To continue the conversation with Christine M. Roberts head over to her website: to find out more about her kickstarter mindset reset course.

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Author: Irenia Roussel

Irenia is a dynamic business development executive who has been working closely growth oriented entrepreneurs for over fifteen years. She enjoys working one on one with clients to build their capacity as they start, grow and scale their businesses as well as connecting them to the right resources. She is also the Host and Executive Producer of Livewithirenia Stories and the Canadian Side Hustle and Business. These audio podcasts feature dynamic individuals who are not afraid to share their stories to give you the energy you need as you move along your epic life journey. You will discover amazing stories of dynamic individuals, practical tips for business and career development. Irenia is on a mission to inspire dynamic leaders to make seamless pivots in their life journey with confidence.

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